Rejuvenate The Look Of Your Skin In Just 2 Minutes!

Millions Sold Worldwide!
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The Best Skin Care is a Dynamic Duo!

2 Minute Miracle Gel and 2 Minute Miracle Moisturizer

As seen Worldwide on TV and Infomercials, with millions sold!

See a visible difference in just one use!


  • Cleanses without drying sulfates
  • Exfoliates without abrasives or acids
  • Brightens by removing dull, dead skin
  • Plumps to visibly erase fine lines
  • Pore minimizes by eliminating clogging debris
  • Primes to leave skin soft, smooth and makeup ready

ONE STEP for all skin types and complexions!

It's a Multi-Tasking Skin Saving Miracle!



2 Minute
Miracle Gel

Dramatically renew the look and feel of your skin instantly with our Tri-Moisture Cryo Complex™, along with our unique exfoliation process! Go from dry, dull lifeless looking skin – to smooth, bright, hydrated and glowing skin – all in just 2 minutes!   See why our customers call this ultimate multi-tasker their “holy grail” for pore refining and skin brightening!


2 Minute Miracle

This unique light textured formula offers lasting hydration around the clock.  Our unique combination of powerhouse ingredients of shea butter, jojoba oil, micro algae and botanical extracts help smooth, soothe and soften skin instantly!   Our exclusive Tri-Moisture Cryo Complex™ moisturizes dry, stressed and sensitive skin leaving your complexion plump, dewey and hydrated!  Ideal for all skin types.




This powerful duo is your daily “go-to” for pore-minimizing, texture-refining, complexion-brightening and skin-hydrating benefits you see and feel, in just 2 minutes!  We’ve unlocked the key to enviable-looking skin without the need for time consuming and costly skin care regimens.  Our exclusive combination of clinically studied natural ingredients, deliver powerful results that treat your skin along with our powerful Tri-Moisture Cryo Complex™.


2 Minute Miracle
Body Souffle

This luxurious formula melts effortlessly into your skin, nourishing it with deep moisture and leaving it feeling silky-smooth and comfortable. Formulated with our exclusive Tri-Moisture Cryo Complex™ that features a natural peptide along with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid. These targeted ingredients help to firm the look of loose or sagging skin while also helping restore the skin’s elasticity for an overall more youthful appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shelly Maguire

Shelly Maguire has simply dominated the Beauty and Skincare Industry for two decades with her expertise and formulations! Shelly’s career as a regular presenter on Home Shopping Network (HSN) Live TV for years, Live TV Worldwide reaching every corner of the planet, Infomercials with top celebrities, as well as her accomplishments as a radio show host and published author, has led to her recognition as a skin care industry leader. Shelly has developed and brought to market over 150 anti-aging skin care products since 2001, some in which you may already be using in your daily regimen. She has created products for many top companies and is currently formulating, and consulting, for several top celebrity beauty brands in the social media arena! Shelly is always in high demand for her formulation skills!

NOW Shelly is bringing you her top personal favorite two products, in what she calls the “Dynamic Duo”. These are the two products that Shelly uses herself, everyday! You too can have the 2 Minute Miracle Gel and the 2 Minute Miracle Moisturizer as your day to day daily beauty!

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Our Happy Clients

The 2 Minute Miracle Gel is exactly that! A miracle product that makes my skin radiant!  I even feel younger after I’ve used it!  It’s so simple to use and the results speak for themselves!  It’s a must have for me!

What woman on this planet uses the same skin care line for over 15 years?  This woman!!  I am almost 57 and now have menopausal skin.  The 2 Minute Miracle Gel has transformed my skin throughout the years.  When I first started using this 15 years ago, the 2 Minute Miracle Gel was a gentle exfoliator for my combination skin and now that I am in menopause, the 2 Minute Miracle Gel not only exfoliates but has given me a new found glow.  I have fallen in love with my skin all over again!

The 2 Minute Miracle Gel is my absolutely favorite skin care product!  I’ve been using it now for almost 8 years straight, and always try my best to keep it in stock.  My skin always looks and feels better instantly, my makeup goes on smoother, and I can absolutely tell the difference when I don’t use it!   Guys and gals, who doesn’t want smoother and healthier skin?!  I highly recommend this amazing Miracle Gel

2 Minute Miracle Gel is bar none the best product I have ever used on my face and heels and elbows to bring my skin back to youthful looking skin! It is not harsh on skin. No abrasives at all. Instant GLOWING skin! Nothing better for improving my appearance in one treatment and I can use it as often as I wish! The BEST!!

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